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Welcome to Coastal Fitness.

We are Hong Kong's premiere strength and conditioning facility, created to positively impact people's ability to Live, Perform, and Compete.

We are community-driven, and take pride in every single person who trains with us.

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High octane interviews & discussions about all that is fitness, form and function from professional athletes, coaches and industry experts from around the globe.

We are all about the people and the process, and our mission is: impact.



  • #83 - Andre Houdet: Programming, The CrossFit Games, Sacrifice, and Priorities September 20, 2021
    In this episode, Ed sits down with repeat guest, Andre Houdet. After boldly stating his goal of one day wanting to qualify for the CrossFit Games back on episode 16, Andre finally achieved his dream in 2021, where he finished 15th at the CrossFit Games. Andre shares his journey of building his dream home gym, […]
  • #82 - Catch Ups: w/ Ed & Pad - Being Present, Team, Relationships, Nature and Environment September 13, 2021
    In this episode, Paddy and Ed sit down for a casual discussion on a number of topics. They discussed the importance of your environment and how it impacts relationships, why unplugging in your day is so important, the power of nature and many other topics. If you enjoyed this episode keep a look out for […]
  • #81 - Basics Of Nutrition: Food Quality (Part 3/5) September 6, 2021
    In this episode Paddy chats with Ed and Tammi about food quality and the importance of a micronutrient rich diet. We discussed how to get more micronutrients into your diet, personal experiences, mistakes and much more. If you haven’t checked out the first two episodes discussing energy balance and macronutrients, make sure you give that […]
  • #80 - Kyle Ruth: Managing Resilience with Age and Competing at the CF Games August 30, 2021
    In this episode, Ed sits down with Kyle Ruth, one of the best coaches in the sport of CrossFit, and who, for the first time competed in the 2021 CrossFit Games with team Training Think Tank at the age of 36. Kyle shares his athletic journey, his experience at the Games, how his training has […]
  • #79 - Q&A: Training, Nutrition, and Coaching August 23, 2021
    In this episode, Ed hosts coaches Patrick James and Ant Haynes as they take on some listener questions. In chronological order: 1. Are there any movements you would not do if you didn’t compete in the Sport of CrossFit? 2. Advice on how to overcome the fear of handstand walking? 3. How do you find […]
  • #78 - Basics Of Nutrition: Macronutrients (Part 2/5) August 16, 2021
    In this episode, Paddy chats with Ed and Tammi about Proteins, Carbs, and Fats, recommendations on Macro splits, personal experiences and mistakes when it comes to nutrition, and more. If you haven’t checked out the first part discussing energy balance, make sure you give that a listen. Sponsor: Website: The Process Programming Instagram: @theprocessprogramming
  • #77 - Coaches Table: Instagram, Fitness Goals, Nutrition, Overrated vs Underrated August 9, 2021
    In this episode Paddy sits down with Ed, Ant, and Liam to discuss everyone’s current training and goals, the use of Instagram for education, and underrated vs overrated on some of the fitness industries' most dividing topics, as well as many other things. Sponsor: Website: The Process Programming Instagram: @theprocessprogramming
  • #76 - Basics Of Nutrition: Calories In vs Calories Out (Part 1/5) August 2, 2021
    In this episode Paddy sits down with Tammi to discuss the basics of Nutrition. This is a five part series discussing each level of the Nutrition Pyramid, the first of which being Energy Balance. In this conversation, Paddy and Tammi discuss calories in vs calories out, total daily energy expenditure, maintenance ranges, calorie deficits and […]
  • #75 - Nik Jordan: Understanding Pain, Movement Compensation, Empowering vs Hand Holding July 26, 2021
    In this episode, Ed sits down with Nik Jordan, founder of Momentum Online. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Nik’s home base is in Dubai, where has set up a clinic working with folks face to face, but more recently, Momentum has entered the online coaching space, where they work with folks […]
  • #74 - Sara Sigmundsdóttir: The Comeback Story and The Gift Of Injury July 19, 2021
    In this episode, Ed sits down with 5 times CrossFit Games Athlete, Sara Sigmundsdóttir, to discuss her comeback journey after an ACL reconstruction which sidelined her from the 2021 CrossFit Season 3 months ago. Sara shares how her mindset has evolved since her injury, and how she has turned this obstacle into an opportunity. Amongst […]

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