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Welcome to Coastal Fitness.

We are Hong Kong's premiere strength and conditioning facility, created to positively impact people's ability to Live, Perform, and Compete.

We are community-driven, and take pride in every single person who trains with us.

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High octane interviews & discussions about all that is fitness, form and function from professional athletes, coaches and industry experts from around the globe.

We are all about the people and the process, and our mission is: impact.



  • #31 - Richard Aceves: Evolving vs Progressing, Training Intent, and Being Present September 21, 2020
    Richard is the right-hand man to industry pioneer Julien Pineau, founder of StrongFit. Together, they have spent the last 3+ years travelling the globe educating coaches on their unique methodologies of training and coaching. This episode is packed full of knowledge, so have your pen and paper at the ready folks. We discuss Richard’s near-death […]
  • #30 - Erwin Regidor: From Athlete to Coach, and Helping People Excel at Life September 14, 2020
    Erwin is a freelance strength and conditioning coach based in Shanghai. Erwin was a former athlete, who dabbled in competitive bodybuilding, and eventually found himself in the CrossFit space in 2008. After making the move over from LA to Shanghai, Erwin pursued the goal of being a competitive CrossFitter. A wrist injury was the catalyst […]
  • #29: James Campion: Body Transformations, Building Muscle, Budgeting your Calories and Progressive Overload September 7, 2020
    James is a strength and conditioning coach with a particular interest in body transformations. But he isn’t your typical transformation coach. Despite his interest in getting folks competition ready, he refuses to do it at the expense of their health. An idea that jives well with the LIVE PERFORM COMPETE community. In this episode, we […]
  • #28 - The CrossFit Open is moving back to March?! August 31, 2020
    Ed sits down with his Process Programming coaching team, Ant, Tammi and Alex, to talk about of the recent announcements from CrossFit Inc… The CrossFit Open will be moving back to February/March! In this lighthearted round table discussion, the team shares their thoughts on the change: What changes will we make to our training now? […]
  • #27 - Alethea Boon: Visualisation, Longevity and Elite Performance August 24, 2020
    Ed sits down with 5-time CrossFit Games athlete (Team x1, Individual x3, Masters x1) Alethea Boon. Her story is unique in many ways, beginning as a 14-year old representing her country at the Commonwealth Games in gymnastics. Alethea finished her stint as a gymnast like many others - broken and worn out. After setting out […]
  • #26 - Dave Shorunke: Finally Making It To The CrossFit Games August 17, 2020
    Ed sits down with coach and (most recently) CrossFit Games Athlete, David Shorunke. David has been an athlete in some way, shape or form his entire life. The day he decided to step away from competitive rowing, is also the day that he started to search for a training methodology to fulfil what he had […]
  • #25 - Andy Edwards: Coach of the 3rd Fittest Woman in the World August 10, 2020
    Ed sit’s down with Andy Edwards. Don’t let the title of this episode throw you off, there is much more to Andy than just being the coach to Jamie Simmonds (Greenwood). Andy is a 10-year affiliate owner (Dragon Athletic, Wales), The owner of an Online Training platform (Odyssey Training), and is a member of the […]
  • #24 - The Sara Sigmundsdóttir Story: Part 2 August 3, 2020
    In part 2, Sara starts by talking about a pivotal 2016, where she was on the brink of quitting CrossFit. She talks about the various coaches that she has worked with over the years; Training with Rich Froning and the Mayhem crew; stories, setbacks and challenges from the CrossFit Games. Finally, we conclude the episode […]
  • #23 - The Sara Sigmundsdóttir Story: Part 1 July 27, 2020
    Ed sits down with 5 time CrossFit Games athlete, Sara Sigmusdottir. This is storytelling at its best, and Sara starts her this episode in the shoes of a self-conscious, insecure teenager who would do anything to skip gym class. Sara talks about the impact of her first coach in Bootcamp class, and her attempt at […]
  • #22 - Joe Halim: Is Testosterone the Drug of the Future? July 20, 2020
    Today I sit down with business owner, coach and athlete Joe Halim. Joe is Half-American, Half-Indonesian, and was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. His childhood story is interesting, and is definitely worth sharing. Over the last 10 years, Joe has been a part of 4 different businesses but has now settled as a part-owner […]

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