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Welcome to Coastal Fitness.

We are Hong Kong's premiere strength and conditioning facility, created to positively impact people's ability to Live, Perform, and Compete.

We are community-driven, and take pride in every single person who trains with us.

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High octane interviews & discussions about all that is fitness, form and function from professional athletes, coaches and industry experts from around the globe.

We are all about the people and the process, and our mission is: impact.



  • #70 - Strength and Hypertrophy Training for CrossFit June 21, 2021
    In this episode, Ed sits down with Kasper Vinter, who is a Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning coach, and founder of Nordic Strength and Conditioning in Denmark. Kasper works with a range of different clients, from world class elite performers to the every day athlete. Most recently, Kasper has been making a name for himself […]
  • #69 - Ant Haynes' Journey to the 2021 CrossFit Games Semi-Finals June 14, 2021
    In this episode, Patrick James & Isabell Wolfe sit down with Ant Haynes to discuss his last year of training, and preparation for the upcoming CrossFit Games Semi-Finals. They dive into the physical and mental challenges that Ant has faced, the reason he transitioned back into having Ed as his coach, his thoughts on the […]
  • #68 - The Importance of Tracking your Training June 7, 2021
    In this episode, Ed and Tammi share discuss the power of tracking your training. The episodes begins with both Ed and Tammi sharing some for the different methods that they have used over the years, and what they are both currently doing to track their training. The conversation then dives into objective vs subjective tracking; […]
  • #67 - Building an Engine May 31, 2021
    In this episode, Ed goes solo and shares his thoughts on how to improve your aerobic capacity. In this conversation, we discuss some of the biggest mistakes that people, particularly in the CrossFit space, make when it comes to developing their engine. We also discuss the concept of ‘sustainable and repeatable’ vs ‘fatigue based training’, […]
  • #66 - The Power of Meditation May 24, 2021
    In this episode, Ed sits down with coach Patrick James to discuss the why, what and how behind ‘Meditation’. The episode begins with Ed and Patrick sharing their personal journey with Meditation: how and why we started, the different forms of meditation that we’ve experimented with, and what our meditation practices look like now. The […]
  • #65 - Training Deloads: Why, What and How May 17, 2021
    In this episode, Ed sits down with coaches Liam Carmichael and Ant Haynes to discuss to the concept of ‘deloading’. The episode begins with the 3 coaches sharing their experiences with deloading, both as athletes and as coaches. Ed, Liam, and Ant continue to share their thoughts on performance vs health training goals and the […]
  • #64 - Working In Your business VS Working On Your Business May 10, 2021
    In this episode, Ed talks about one of the challenges that we face as business owners, particularly in the gym industry. The idea for this episode came from a great conversation that we had on our Affiliate call last week, where one of our Affiliate owners asked the question: “How do you find time to […]
  • #63 - Q&A: Nutritional Consistency, Unilateral Training, Fixing Imbalances and Heart Rate Zones May 3, 2021
    In today’s episode, Ed takes on our listener questions related to training and nutrition. It has been a while since our last Q&A hit out, and we’re very grateful for the awesome questions that were sent in! If you enjoyed this episode, please let us know and we’ll make sure we do more of them […]
  • #62 - Training Frequency: Finding What Works For You April 26, 2021
    1 session vs 7 sessions a week? 1 session vs multiple sessions a day? High volume training weeks vs low volume training weeks? In this episode, Ed and Ant share their experiences in playing with training volumes and frequencies, both as athletes and as coaches. We discuss the concept of adaptation credits; why being able […]
  • #61 - Lessons from the 2021 CrossFit Open April 19, 2021
    In this episode, Ed and Ant sit down to reflect on Stages 1 and 2 of the CrossFit Open. If things were to remain the same for next years Open, what would we do different in the way that we prepared ourselves and our athletes? What should one focus on if they want to improve […]

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