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Welcome to Coastal Fitness.

We are Hong Kong's premiere strength and conditioning facility, created to positively impact people's ability to Live, Perform, and Compete.

We are community-driven, and take pride in every single person who trains with us.

Monday - Friday
5:15AM - 8:00PM
7:00AM - 1:00PM
8:00AM - 11:00AM

Coastal Fitness HK

This style of training plays an important role in the development of our ‘engine’ in mixed modal fitness for a number of reasons:
✅ Challenges the athlete to strategize each round to ensure an increase in round speed is achieved
✅ Brings awareness on how to effectively manipulate the speed per round, by adjusting tempo and technique of movement, breaking of reps, and transition times
✅ If done correctly, is an effective way to accumulate sub maximal aerobic volume (assuming we don’t go out too fast and drop off our pace) vs the ‘go as hard as I can, and hang on until I drop off’ approach

CrossFit is a predominantly aerobic sport in which the tests are highly varied. The ability to strategize effectively is largely a function of awareness with ones own capacity in relation to the movements, loads rep schemes, and duration (amongst other things) of the workout.

How many times have you come out of the session and either said: Oh God, I paced that terribly, I went out too hot OR, I didn’t push hard enough, I definitely had more to give. These are all super important notes that we encourage you to always write down on @woduppapp so that you can remember and progress for next time.

Aerobic Tuesdays are a great place for us to learn more about ourselves – our capabilities, and our capacities. It is an opportunity for us to strategize based off of our limiters and strengths, and to test how well we know what we’re capable of. We know that we will not always get it right, but there is no better place to learn than during training. We believe that the better we know ourselves as people, and as athletes, the better we can perform in all aspects of life.

Education and self-awareness is something that we constantly talk about, and encourage, and it is the core of our programming. We believe in listening to your body, in the ability to auto regulate, and in adjusting intensity based on what you’re ready to give for the day. We should all strive to understand what our body NEEDS, instead of focusing on what we WANT – and we know that Aerobic Tuesdays is one of the best opportunities throughout the week to practice this underrated skill.


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